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Day 17-1. Sandneset Camping wiped out in Midsund.

We didn't feel so good today. The hard cycle back had something to do with it I'm sure. The weather was off too and we were due for a rest day. This was a sit around and mooch day and I don't remember us even leaving the campsite. I wrote the account of the cycle to Molde and back whilst Damae read another of the books she had to read for her Masters course.

Due to the appalling weather the day before the campsite had emptied so we were able to commandeer the only picnic table near us and cook dinner there. This was a lot more comfortable than sitting on our three legged stools or lounging on the tarp. Of course this being a cycling holiday we didn't have it all our own way. The mosquitos came out in full force and we hastily dragged on extra clothing and sprayed deet around. It wasn't clear why they were such a problem tonight as we'd not been pestered by them the previous evenings.

I don't remember much more about the day except that my tummy hurt. The memorable highlight of the day was watching Onno trying to cross the mudflats, fishing tackle in hand, without getting too stuck.

Oh and just to ensure you don't feel too short changed, here is Damae's diary entry for the day.

"A real rest day. We got up late, chatted with Onno and Karin, had lunch, had dinner and went to sleep. I slept in the afternoon for more than an hour and I read a little in my book. I watched the map dry and that was it. Our first non-cycling day this vacation. I think it is about ten now and I am ready for bed again. Stan and I still have to plan for tomorrow. Everybody says we should go to Ona but that would mean getting up really early and essentially ruining the effects of our rest day.... Ho hum. We haven't really had many 'normal' days' (up at 7:00, off at 9:00, at a camp site @ 18:30) yet. You always have something that influences what you do: no campsite, more hills, rain, no wild camping spot... It's 22:00 time for bed."

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