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Day 16-2. Midsund to Molde and back contd.

The wind was fierce as we came off the road and onto the car park. We found shelter under the large tourist information sign from the wind at least and fortunately the rain had stopped. After a few minutes the boat arrived and cars started driving off. There seemed to be a lot of ladies in posh frocks and men in suits, probably going to the second wedding of the day in Midsund. Once the deck was clear we walked on board assuming that the boat would leave straight away. It turned out that the ferry was not due to leave for another half hour but Damae was able to sit in the lounge whilst I went back on shore to take photos and watch the crew washing the boat down.

Cars started arriving with a similarly high proportion of ladies in posh frocks and gents and kids in suits. We guessed that they were guests from the first wedding leaving to go home. It was all terribly 'hygellig' and everyone seemed to know everyone else. Once underway the ferry took about fifteen minutes to cross to Julsundet and we got off last waiting for all the cars to leave. Then it was our turn to head off towards Molde. The road up to Molde was described in our guide as 'easy cycling' and in general it was. There were a few climbs, starting with a long drag up from the ferry terminal but nothing more than a couple of hundred metres long. Just before Haukabøen we hit roadworks in the form of a new tunnel. A little further up we found out why as the road narrowed to cross an old stone bridge that had been augmented with a couple of I section RSJ's.

We knew we were almost at our destination when we saw the Seilet Hotel in Molde standing up tall by the shoreline and we knew that we were there. We spotted a REMA 1000 that would be open late on the way in and decided to get some groceries on the way back. The day had started late for us and had carried on in the same way. Molde was pretty much shut when we arrived except for a few cafes and one shopping centre. We tried to find a cycle shop shown on our guide but that seemed to have disappeared in the years between the print run and summer 2008. We took the road running down by the Kai and Damae started telling me what the centre looked like during the jazz festival.

We ummed and aahed and I said that I'd like to eat something like a chinese, with rice and vegetables instead of pasta, potatoes or bread. Then I spotted an Intersport and decided to go and see if they had some Fin Fyr. Instead of wandering round aimlessly I asked the assistant in my best Bokmal. Fortunately this guy knew what I was talking about and directed me to the right spot. There I noticed our tent for sale and saw the price was just a kroner below 6000 NOK at the current exchange rate a bit cheaper than what we'd paid for it. Tent pegs (we wanted two extra) came in packs of 12 so that was a no go. A quick look round the bikes made me realise that V-brakes were on every bike so it was unlikely that anyone could answer my questions about our Magura brakes.

Clutching my bottle of Fin Fyr I went to the till and paid up, offering my note with a 'Vær sa god'. The young girl at the till looked up saying 'Eh snakker du norsk?' 'Ja litt norsk' I replied litt being the operative word here.

Once outside the bottle fitted nicely in one of the bidon holders and we wandered back up to the main drag to look for a place to have dinner. We nearly picked a hotel bar, and a Konditori across the road, but I still had a yearning for something chinese. Then I spotted the Hong Kong restaurant up the hill at the top of three flights of stairs and waved at Damae. We climbed the stairs with our bikes, Damae had a quick scout round and discovered that they had two vegetarian main courses. That was enough for us, and as the weather was turning with the occasional rumble of thunder, locking the bikes up we went inside.

We both chose the stir fried vegetables and cashew nuts in curry sauce, and a surprisingly short time later our meals arrived. It was not the best meal I have had in a Chinese restaurant, but hit the spot perfectly. The curry sauce was just hot enough to make it interesting, and the vegetables fresh enough. It was good to eat some rice for a change. The rumbling outside continued and after a few minutes was joined by some heavy summer rain. Ah well we thought it is only a thunderstorm so it should clear up soon.....what was that about things you shouldn't say on cycling holidays? Still back at the meal; after a quick coffee we paid up and headed off in search of a cash machine.

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