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Day 9-2. Free Day Dragsvik to Balestrand and back contd.

It has to be said that, although brooding and enticing is worth seeing, Balestrand is a much more welcoming place to be in the sun. Sitting there eating a second lunch we enjoyed watching the world go by. Flocks of canoeists headed out into the open water of the fjord whilst people of all shapes and sizes were messing around in boats of all shapes and sizes.

After lunch we realised that it was Saturday and that the supermarkets might close early. So we headed off to get some food and stuff for sandwiches tomorrow. Damae went into the store and I stayed outside with the bikes just watching everyone go by. Once the shopping was done Damae persuaded me to lock up the bikes so we could go for a wander. Bags hanging off our shoulders we first headed to the end of the harbour, and then hit an photographic and postcard exhibition. This was quite interesting giving us an insight into the history of Balestrand, an exclusive resort in times gone by. It also allowed me to charge up the Eeepc a bit. Asus claimed three and a half hours battery life but the one I got would do no more than two if I was lucky. Ho hum.

Still with a powered up Eee we headed towards where the wireless network was supposed to be. Outside the bakers which was now shut I found the network and ended up chatting to my mother on Skype. She just happened to be online at the same time which was nice. I waved the Eee in the direction of the views and she said it all looked very lovely, which it did.

We were pretty much done with Balestrand but now firmly in our mid-afternoon dip and not inclined to cycle anywhere. So we found a little cafe and sitting outside enjoyed an ice cream and a milky coffee. The terrace at the back of the cafe was almost too hot and I remember being hot, grumpy and a little tired. Perhaps a reaction to the strenuous climb from Voss to Vik the day before. We discussed the road between Vik and Voss and decided that it was easier to go south from Vik than to travel over Vikafjellet from south to north.

After the victuals had been consumed we wandered back to the bikes which were still there and in one piece. This was not urban Britain nor urban Holland but a much smaller and peaceful place. Unlocking the bikes we headed back the way we came. For a rest day it had been quite busy but now we were as prepared as we could be for the following day.

We had no real idea what lay ahead of us nor quite how far we would get tomorrow. What we did know, was that Gaularfjell went up a lot, so we wanted an early start to avoid the heat of the afternoon. We made and ate tea in the small kitchen, (listening to two Dutch ladies of uncertain ages complaining their way through the washing up) before making sandwiches and packing away what could be packed.

By the time nine o'clock approached we were about ready for bed. The decision to stay at Dragsvik had been a good one and we enjoyed our little pitch with a view. The campsite was lovely, showers good and the kitchen very usable. Before curling up for the night, Damae contented herself with some Damae art and took a picture of the evening light.

Tonight we fell asleep rather earlier, once again to the sound of soft German voices from the beach and the sound of water lapping on the shore.

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