Røldalfjellet After Haukelifjellet Lætefoss Sunset at Midsund Sunset at Ytre Snillford

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Summer 2008 Norway: Contents.

Full statistics per day are on the Statistics page, a few notes about the route are here.

Part 1: From Utrecht to Fløro via the National Cycle Route 3 Setesdal.

Prologue: New bikes, new tent and all of Southern Norway to play with
Day 0: 4 km Utrecht to Odense by train.
Day 1: 31 km Odense to Kristiansand. by bike from Hjørring to Hirthals.
Day 2: 82 km Kristiansand to Evje
Day 3: 100 km Evje to Valle
Day 4: 89 km Valle to Haukeli
Day 5: 59 km Haukeli Røldal
Day 6: 79 km Røldal to Lofthus
Day 7: 56 km Lofthus to Voss
Day 8: 74 km Voss to Dragsvik
Day 9: 19 km Free Day Dragsvik to Balestrand and back
Day 10: 105 km Dragsvik to Førde and then a bit more
Day 11: 67 km A bit past Førde to Florø

Part 2: From Fløro to Trondheim via National Cycle Route 1, the coast route.

Day 12: 60 km Fløro to Barmen
Day 13: 48 km Barmen to Sylte an evening cycle
Day 14: 64 km Sylte to Ålesund
Day 15: 72 km Ålesund to Midsund
Day 16: 64 km Midsund to Molde and back
Day 17: A free day in Midsund
Day 18: 38 km Midsund to Ona
Day 19: 61 km Ona to Bud
Day 20: 98 km Bud to Vinsternes
Day 21: 91 km Vinsternes to Ytre Snilfjord
Day 22: 88 km Ytre Snilfjord to Trondheim
Day 23: A day in Trondheim. Sightseeing and window shopping.

Part 3: From Trondheim to Larvik via National Cycle Route 9.

Day 24: 102 km Trondheim to Græssli
Day 25: 105 km Græssli to Røros
Day 26: 36 km Røros to Langen
Day 27: 99 km Langen to Jonasvollen by boat then by bike to Åkrestrømmen
Day 28: 120 km Åkrestrømmen to Elverum
Day 29: 103 km Elverum to Kongsvinger
Day 30: 9 km Kongsvinger by bus to Oslo. An afternoon on the Oslofjord
Day 31: 48 km Oslo by bus to Kongsvinger then by bike to Magnor
Day 32: 112 km Magnor to Berger
Day 33: 71 km Berger to Halden
Day 34: 50 km Halden to Strömstad
Day 35: 56 km Strömstad to Sandefjord by boat then by bike to Horton
Day 36: 80 km Horton to Larvik
Day 37: 57 km Larvik to Helgeroa to Larvik
Day 38: 8 km Larvik to Hirtshals by boat then by train to Odense
Day 39: Train back home.


The early morning was quiet, the mass of humanity that throngs through the streets during waking hours were still slumbering as we wheeled our bikes out into the courtyard. The city was just starting to stir with the rancour of a chain-smoker grappling to find their cigarettes and matches, then coughing after the first drag of the day. The sun started appearing on the West wall of the courtyard and as the blind beggar sat up to begin his days toil, we headed out uncertainly into this strange and fascinating place.