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You have found our 2008 Cycle touring pages.

2008 turned out to be a busy year. It seemed that whenever we tried to do something it went slightly wrong. Booking the tickets for our summer trip, usually done in one go, took three. A tent bought in the autumn of 2007 turned out not to be up to the job and it took several visits to the shop we bought it from before we got a refund. This ate into our free time at the weekends in the spring of 2008. Adding to this we bought a fair bit of new gear, sleeping mats a smaller Trangia, new bikes and a replacement new tent. We ended up not being able to take evenings away which was a bit of a disappointment. However we ended up cycling a lot more by virtue of taking a very long summer holiday, and also a three day trip with a large group.

Travelogues 2008.

Southern Norway 2008. This was planned to be around 2200km but ended up at just over 2500km. We took in three Norwegian National Cycle Routes, the 3 from Kristiansand to Førde, the 1 from Florø to Trondheim and then the 9 from Trondheim to Strömstad. The last two days we revisited the NSCR between Horton and Helgeroa, found the sun and remembered our first trip to Norway. It was a great trip.

Early May: 3 days from Utrecht to Roermond. This was our first proper try-out for our new VSFT400 bikes, new Helsport tent and new Exped mats. We learned that the Continental City Contact tyres performed well as long as you didn't pump them up too hard. If you did that it was like riding on footballs. They City Contacts performed excellently on soft and loose surfaces. The tent was fine too and the Exped mats very very comfortable.

Sunrise Midsund Sunset near Berger Halden fort by night

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