Damae's impressions.

After seeing and testing some really neat KMX trikes, a Scorpion and a TriceNT in the winter of 2006/2007 at various fairs, Stan and I started entertaining the idea of buying new trikes instead of new bikes. We were enchanted by all of the advantages which we envisioned a trike would have. In the spring of 2007 I discovered a specialist recumbent bicycle and tricycle shop close to our house in de Bilt and we decided to go for a test tricycle weekend see what they were really like.

I imagined that on a tricycle I would go much faster, that the trikes would be more stable and that a trike would generally just be much cooler than two wheelers. Well, they met one of my three main expectations; they were cooler. Stan managed to flip his which diffused my expectations for stability and our weekend average for speed was below our two wheeler average. This, however, could be a question of building up the necessary muscles.

Oma again Damae turning The main gains of the weekend were a fabulous picture of my Grandmother in a really sporty recumbent three wheeler and the realisation that although recumbent trikes are very cool, they come up a little short on the practicality side of things for us personally; hard to turn round, don't fit in the train, don't fit on a bike rack, aren't easily spotted my fellow road users and are heavy.

All counted and told, they are still just really trick objects and fun to ride - and your grandmother can use them too. Maybe if we had two garages we could keep a set just to have them. You, however, will have to try them youself to see how you like them because they are definitely very different to a bicycle.

Stan's review of the trikes.