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Summer 2007 Scandinavia: Just the videos.

We were charmed by the sun and warmth of southern Sweden before we headed 'up North' to the worst Norwegian summer in recent history. There we were amazed by the Rallarvegen and the large snow fields blocking our path, the year before the path had been clear. The raging river in Jøstedal and Nigardsbreen glacier were very impressive. The videos only hint at what Jøstedal was really like in the summer of 2007.

This is a page to see just the videos. They are also to be found in the travelogue 'in words and pictures'. They are arranged in chronological order as mpg files. On a broadband connection it will probably take around 10-15 seconds to load a video before you can start playing it.

Day 1 Denmark
Our headwind

Day 1 the first ferry

Day 2 Sweden
The first puncture

Day 11 Norway
Rallarvegen weather

Day 11 Norway
Rallarvegen snowfield

Day 11 Norway
Klevagjelet Gorge

Day 13 Norway
Gaupne Jøstedal

Day 13 Norway
Road closed in Jøstedal

Day 13 Norway
Flooded road Jøstedal

Day 13 Norway
Jøstedal raging water

Day 14 Norway

Day 20 Norway
Voss: Noisy neighbour