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Varberg in the evening sun.

Cycling the NSCR and Ginstleden in Sweden, the Rallarvegen and the Sognefjorden in Norway.

Our third big cycle tour took in the NSCR in Sweden starting from Copenhagen and taking in the Ginstleden coastal route. Once we had finished with Sweden we crossed the border to Sarpsborg and then took the train via Oslo to Haugestøl.

From there we did the Rallarvegen a second time this time going all the way down to Flåm in one long amazing day. From Flåm we headed towards the Nigardsbreen in the Jøstedal, and as a complete contrast to the burning sun in Sweden experienced torrential rain and floods. Finally we travelled back via Fjærland to Vik where our last full cycling day was up Viksdalen via the 13 to Voss where we took it easy for a couple of days.

High points besides the wonderful Swedish coastal scenery were walking over numerous snowfields in the sun on the Rallarvegen, the might of the flooded river in Jøstedal, the misty Fjærlandsfjorden and finally the glorious sunny day cycling from Vik to Voss.

Getting there and getting back.

Travelogue: in words, pictures and videos.

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Picture from the tour.

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