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Day 22-2. Day in Voss, waiting for the night train to Oslo.

Wandering back to the Co-op we stopped in the health food shop and picked up some flavoured soya milk. There were some interesting looking veggie burgers and sausages but we realised we would not have a chance to cook them before we got home. Tonight we would be on the train, and the following evening we would leave Oslo, and we were planning on staying in a hotel in Copenhagen so we would not be getting the Trangia out. So we ended up picking up some bread rolls and cheese from the Meny to make sandwiches. That would get us on to the boat tomorrow evening and there would definitely be something to eat on it.

There followed a slow and boring evening killing time. The disadvantage of taking the night train would be that we would not see the Rallarvegen from the train in the dark. The advantage was that we didn't lose a day, which, had we arrived in Voss that day say from Bergen, trying to maximise our cycling days, would have been a boon. Still that was not the scenario so we now were hanging around in the station waiting waiting waiting. We were both terminally bored, and there was no point in eating either.

I managed to kill ten minutes taking some night shots of the platform as the temperatures dropped steadily. With a half hour to go before departure we went back to the left luggage locker, got all our bags out and attachted them losely to the bikes. We were not sure where the bike carriage was going to be so went for maximum mobility when the train arrived. There was plenty of time when it arrived. We pulled the bags off by the carriage where we were going to sit and then I took the bikes to where they should be whilst Damae loaded our bags on board. This worked a lot better than walking down the train with our bags in tow.

Then we were off. I spent a little while looking out of the window, occasionly spotting views that were familiar. The last time I did this was as the train passed Mjølfjell Youth Hostel at a great height. I looked down to see the houses nestling in the valley as the train exited the tunnel. Then a fitfull night's sleep followed, interrupted by the train stopping, and by the gentleman sitting across from Damae. He seemed determined to use Damae as a foot stool and got slapped a couple of times before he got the message. Curious.

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