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Day 20-1. Day in Voss.

We awoke to a misty morning much to my delight, and to the fact that the large table next to us had been completely occupied by another couple. Never mind we had a small table we could use instead. We were going to be a bit aimless today, and decided to keep it simple and not try to do too much. We'd considered trying to cycle to Bergen and then take the train back to Voss to get our night train to Oslo. I wanted to cycle more especially as the weather had improved considerably but Damae wasn't interested in cycling.

We had a relatively slow start. By ten we were wandering towards the lake enjoying the mist and the peace of the morning. The light was interesting, diffused by the fog but still very bright as this picture shows. The morning felt very autumnal even though the trees were still green and Damae was feeling the chill. We meandered our way round to the tourist information to see what was on offer out of season in Voss. Although some things had stopped there was a Blues festival just about to start and other interesting things to see. As a result the place felt lively. At the Tourist Information we also discovered that the adjoining public library had a number of PC's connected to the internet so we decided to book a session to investigate possible museums and design centres in Copenhagen for the last couple of days of our trip.

Heading back out into the sun we ambled around town clutching a few folders in search of a bike computer. We'd ended up taking only the ones that might be possible to do in the short couple of days we had. Voss is small compared to Utrecht but still lively as a result of it being a Summer and Winter tourist destination. In Winter visitors make use of the numerous ski slopes in the area whilst in the warmer months you can take part in extreme sports such as paragliding from the tops of the same hills. The more sedate holiday makers can park their campers in the campsite and walk in the hills nearby or just lie in the sun next to the lake. Voss is also one of the starting points for the Rallarvegen and other routes for cyclists pass through it.

Today we were in the sedate camp and admired the church, the spire of which was being painted in the sun with black pitch. We checked out the entry fee and peered in but decided that today it was time to enjoy the sun, a resource in very short supply during the previous week. It was now approaching lunch so we found the nearest general store and picked up some fruit tomatoes and potato salad and bread and cheese. Outside again we found a bench just in front of the shop and sat down to enjoy our meal in the sunshine. The world was busy going by all around us so we watched it whilst eating.

There followed a relaxed afternoon where after visiting the three sports shops in the centre I finally found a Cateye 5 computer that would fit the mounting point on my bike. Although this was the same price as a Cateye 7 in Utrecht it was a lot less hassle than replacing everything on the bike. Returning via the lake we watched some paragliders landing, one every few minutes or so, and watched people being taught the basics of how to run pulling your parachute behind you. I was all quite fascinating especially as there was now a bit of a breeze and the more adventurous students were jumping into the air and being dragged several metres back by the wind. Damae thought it would be fun to try one day.

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