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Day 16-1. Kjørnes campsite to the Sogn Folk Museum Kaupanger

Distance 17km Average 12.5km/hr Max 47.8km/hr Time 1:2hrs.

Time for a lazy day or rather that was the plan. We headed into town to see if Tourist information could help us and to see if we could get a half decent battery bike lamp to deal with tunnels we might have to travel through if we were to head up to Florø. As it turned out we failed in both endevours. The comely woman at the TI told us that there was no connection with the ferry to Fjærland on Sunday. This I discovered later in the evening was untrue as the Fjærland boat also went later on a Sunday.

The second task failed round the corner in the shopping mall. The one half decent lamp at Intersport was rather pricey and the other two at the hardware store could not be tried out (although they were much cheaper). So after that haitus in our day we headed back to the campsite and then on towards Kaupanger. Damae wanted to take the route below the main road that lead down to the campsite. This turned out to be a slightly bad idea for a rest day. The road went up and down a lot and then ceased to be an asphalt road and turned into the Gamlevegen (or old road).

Damae being game for a challenge decided to push on rather than go back and take the main road. The first section which we couldn't cycle on easily, was followed by around five kilometres of walking pushing the bikes. Where the gradient was not too steep roots from trees close to the path criss-crossed the surface making for very hard going. We could have done with bikes with Big Apple tyres at this point or at least nice fat mountain bike ones.

After an hour or so of sweating with, it has to be said, the reward of some lovely views we arrived at the main road again. A few hundred metres later the Folk Museum appeared on our left. Time was now running out and it looked unlikely that we would have time to visit both this and the boat collection at the fjord museum a little further on. It was a slow day at the museum and we were enthusiastically received by the two members of staff. It was so quiet in fact that we ended up getting a guided tour of few of the most interesting buildings from one of the students.

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