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Day 0-1. The train to Duisburg and the night train to Copenhagen.

Statistics not known.

We said our goodbyes to Karen Rachel and Meredith leaving them looking after our house and to enjoy some of the easy cycling in the local area. Our touring bikes felt heavy and wobbly compared to our Bromptons. However they roll nicely and handle well. I suspect that I have taken too much stuff. Ho hum. I suppose we can post maps and other things back as and when they become superfluous.

Waiting for the train we got bored and to keep things interesting, Darth Vadar made an appearance again. Or was it just me being a goof. Damae is dressed to travel in a chic black outfit with matching Shimano cycling boots and we're both looking forward to the cycling.

So we have made it into the train to Duisberg. Bikes at one end, seats at the other. The airco does not work and there are no opening windows.....hmmmm. We are both rather thirsty, so Damae has headed off to buy some juice. It is time to relax a little after the rushing around of the last few weeks.

A group of Dutch backpackers are making huge amounts of noise in this carriage and all in the name of gezelligheid. 'Gezelligheid kent geen tijd' so goes the saying; roughly translated, 'you can always be gezellig'. Raucous behaviour from Dutch train passengers in large groups is, unfortunately, in our experience, a common manifestation of 'gezelligheid' .............. In contrast, the cycle compartment was cool, empty and quiet, so I guess that we will head off there rather earlier than planned. All for a bit of peace and quiet.....

In an hour we will hit Duisburg. Damae wants one of us to chuck out the bags the other the bikes. Maybe maybe not. We'll see. It will be nice to get into our cabin in the second train knowing we do not have to get up early and will get out at a normal time. I'm looking forward to that. Sweden looks like it will be fun, and it will be good to do the Rallarvegen again. The Jostdalsbreen is going to be great if we can get to it and it will be nice to drop in on Marianne in Sarpsborg.

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