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Summer 2007 Scandinavia: Contents.

Prologue: If it ain't broken, don't fix it. However if you discover it is broken the weekend before you leave.....
Day 0: Taking the night train all the way, a lie in and a leisurely breakfast.
Day 1: Kobenhavn to Ängelholm. Distance 93km. Average 15.5km/h Max. 42.4km/h Time 5:42.
Day 2: Ängelholm to Vilshäred. Distance 83.3km Average 16.2km/h Max. 60km/h (Stan 59.6km/h) Time 5.06.
Day 3: Vilshäred to Kärradal Distance 88.5km Average 18km/h Max. 51.8km/h Time 4:54 hrs.
Day 4: Kärradal to Göteborg Distance 98km Average 16.0km/hr Max 41.5km/hr Time 6.30 hrs
Day 5: Rest day in Göteborg
Day 6: Göteborg to Hällevikstrand Distance 112km Average 16.4km/hr Max 52.1km/hr time 6:48 hrs
Day 7: Hällevikstrand to Hamburgsund Distance 87km Average 15.8km/hr Max 54.6km/hr Time 5:30 hrs
Day 8: Hamburgsund to Strömstad Distance 74km Average 16.3km/hr Max 45.2km/hr Time 4:30 hrs
Day 9: Strömstad to Sarpsborg Distance 66km Average 16 Max 48.1km/hr Time 4:08hrs
Day 10: Sarpsborg to Oslo by train.
Day 11: Train from Oslo to Haugestøl then by bike to Flåm Distance 80.2km Average 10.8km/h Max 41.0km/h Time 7.24 hrs
Day 12: Flåm to Sognsdalsfjøra. Distance 32.2 Average 15.3km/h Max 35.7km/h Tim 1:30 hrs
Day 13: Sognsdalfjøra to Gjerda Campsite Jøstedal Distance 61km Average 14.1km/h Max 52.3km/hr Time 4:18 hrs
Day 14: Gjerda to Nigard and back
Day 15: Gjerde to Sogndal (Kjørnes Campsite) Distance 65km Average 15.4km/h Max 42.8km/h Time 4:10hrs
Day 16: Kjørnes Campsite to Sogndal Folk Museum Kjørnes Distance 17km Average 12.5km/hr Max 47.8km/hr Time 1:2hrs
Day 17: Kjørnes Campsite to Sogndal, Boat to Balestrand Boat to Fjærland Cycle to Campsite Distance 8km Average 13.5km/hr Max 30.7km/hr Time 0:35 hrs
Day 18: Fjærland to Vikøyri by boat and bike Distance 18km Average 13.8km/hr Max 41.2km/h Time 1:20 hrs
Day 19: Vikøyri to Voss via the 13 Distance 70.4km Average 14.2km/h Max 61.6km/hr Time 4:55 hrs
Day 20: Day in Voss
Day 21: Voss to Mjølfjell Vanderhjem UP Distance 40km Average 13.3 km/hr Max 48.6km/hr Time 2.59 hrs
DOWN Distance 40km Average 19.5km/hr Max 46.3km/hr Time 2 hrs

Day 22: Day in Voss, waiting for the night train to Oslo
Day 23: A day in Oslo. Sightseeing and shopping.
Day 24: Copenhagen, day 1 sightseeing.
Day 25: Copenhagen, day 2 sightseeing.
Day 26: Train back home.
"Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far away...."