Some of Stan's photos from the trip

Easter 2007: Four friends, four bikes and four provinces.

From Hoek van Holland to Delfzijl in four days.

Day 0. Chocolate, tea and plans.

Day 1. Utrecht to Egmond aan Zee. Via Hoek van Holland. Distance Cycled 110km. Average 18.3km/h

Day 2. Egmond aan Zee to Hilarides via the Afsluitdijk. Distance 107km. Average 17.9km/h.

Day 3. Hilarides to Vierhuizen. Distance 100km Average 19km/h.

Day 4. Vierhuizen to Delfzijl. Distance 66.5km. Average 19.1km/h.

Extras: Day 5. An autumnal day on our Bromptons. From Nieuweschans to Delfzijl. Distance 41km Average 20.4km/h.

Karen's impressions of the trip.


Travelogue Gallery: Pictures of the trip.

Some of Paul's photos of the trip