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Videos from the Danish NSCR, Voss and Mjølfjell Summer 2006.

The NSCR in Denmark proved to be a lot harder than we expected. We had storms, strong head and tail winds and also some very hot weather and troubles with both our bikes. The road surfaces were a challenge especially when torrential rain gouged small trenches out of the grit and sand roads. But still there was some lovely scenery to enjoy and surprises every now and again. At Hirthals we crossed the sea to Bergen and spent a day on the boat in the glorious sunshine. Then in Norway more sunshine including a very very hot day climbing up to Mjølfjell youth hostel.

The videos are also to be found in the travelogue 'in words and pictures' and are in mpg format. Over a broadband connection it will probably take around 10-15 seconds to load a video.

Day 4 Denmark
A tailwind!

Day 4 Denmark

Day 7 Denmark

Day 8 Denmark
Saltum Strand

Day 8 Denmark
Near Hirthals

Day 9 at Sea
Hirthals to Bergen

Day 11 Norway
Voss in the sun

Day 11 Norway
Near Mjølfjell