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Prologue: continued.

Distance Cycled 5km.

The bikes have also received new chains and rear cogs, more as a precautionary measure, although we have done around 5000km with the bikes. I wanted to fit a different chain-ring set but discovered that I'd need a new bottom bracket to be able to do this so it will have to wait for the autumn. We also now have full sets of front and rear Ortlieb panniers, of various types, and a Rack-Pack for my bike for all our new gear. These hang off the other main additions for the bikes, new rear racks and front lowriders from Tubus.

Somewhat more importantly we have also made sure that Damae is warm at night. We ended up buying a much warmer sleeping bag, inner sleeping bag and a thicker (pink) Thermarest. I think she will need it where we are going in Norway. Up in the hills at 1300m it could be quite cold!

I've been looking forward to the trip for a while and soon the excitement will really begin. A night train to Flensburg and then an excruciatingly early start with Denmark a few kilometers away. Denmark looks like it will be lovely and the Route 13 in Norway could well be wonderful. I have to confess to being a little apprehensive about the 13 seeing as I have been able to find little information as to how much climbing is involved and what to expect generally.

However our appetites for cycling freedom and adventure were whetted last year. I had hoped to get the story on the website before we left but ran short of time. However just going over things again made me remember the wonders of NSCR Norway and the great things we did.

Roll on Friday evening, and some more new experiences.

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