Duke Jenssonson of North Judtland.

The Duke is best known for creating Bulbjerg in Denmark for a sand castle building competition and for breeding three legged horses. Three legged horses although slower than two legged horses are somewhat more stable. This means you don't have to put your feet on the ground when you come to a stop (cf two and three wheeled recumbent cycles).

Some historians (often regarded as heretics by supporters of the Duke) say that the Duke is an imaginary historical figure created by the cycletourer Stan 'Ortliebs and a cheap bike' Williams in a hallucinatory moment brought on by a lack of Norwegian Brown Cheese in his daily diet.

As a result of this dispute, health care professionals working in the Netherlands with Brown Cheese addicts, are now campaigning for the free distribution of Norwegian Brown Cheese to all registered users. They feel that this will help addicts come to terms with the reality of Dutch cheese and lead not only to a significant improvement in quality of life, but also an increase in the accuracy of historical research.

Please email if you have information on reliable and discrete suppliers of good quality Norwegian Brown Cheese in the Netherlands.


A faked photo of a Duke with spray painted glasses and a silly black floppy hat.
© 2007 S Williams