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Day 19 part 3. Hirtshals to Sæby via Skagen and Fredrikshavn.

The last 15km or so to Sæby were hard work even though the wind had now died down a bit. Damae was suffering more than me, as we cycled alongside a very main road coming out of Fredrikshavn. Next to the road was a headland and the lay of the land reminded me of the area around Helsby and Frodsham in coastal Cheshire. We heard the sound of shots being fired and noticed that there was a shooting range sited in a field below the cliff.

It was now rather grey and Damae was certainly at the stage of hoping the campsite would just be round the next corner. After a while we moved away from the motorway and were cycling next to main road. It was very quiet now in terms of traffic and people to be seen. Sometime round 8pm we spotted the first campsite sign as we neared Sæby. Our journey for today would soon be at an end. With some relief, particularly on Damae's part the 'Svaleredem CAMPING & HYTTEBY' appeared in view and we coasted into the driveway.

The site although far from empty was quiet and as we discovered later had a view of the sea. We were directed to an empty field and put our tent up close to a picnic table and stand pipe. What more did we want? Although tired we had the luxury of a table and it was still warm enough to sit outside.

After eating we went off to shower. Damae, on a previous wander round had discovered a toilet and washroom block equipped with family rooms of various sizes. We picked a large one and went in to make full use of showers and the other facilities. Normal showers are usually so small with very little space to hang stuff up that we take in as little as possible.

These family rooms allow you to take in loads of stuff, with plenty of room to spread out things. This evening we appreciated the space very much. Tired limbs were made supple again under the lashings of hot water and a few items of clothing were washed in the sinks.

That done we headed back to the tent, and went to bed. We slept well in the late season peace and quiet.

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