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Day 15 part 2. Dagali to Skagoset.

Just before one we stopped properly for lunch. The spot was fairly randomly chosen mainly because it had some rocks we could sit on. There was a breeze but the sun had been shining for most of the morning and it was just a little too warm (for me, thus a bit cold for Damae). We ate a lunch which included the almost compulsory Tine Yoghurts, brewed some tea and I took some photos. The valley was wide and flat bottomed a few holiday homes dotted the landscape. There was little traffic to disturb our activities.

We had been cycling uphill for a while and then there came a section with downhill. This was even more enjoyable and we passed a few cyclists on touring bikes toiling up the other way in the afternoon sun. We had decided to go and see the stave church at Uvdal and the map said we had to turn right at some point. Suddenly there we were at the right turn, and onto a densely packed red sand road. Which very quickly started going uphill and became very steep.

We both made it to the top without walking but it was touch and go most of the way up. My speed went below four kilometres an hour at one point and stayed around that mark for quite a large part of the climb. However the reward of the view down the valley was wonderful, and the required photos had to be taken.

We descended hesitantly towards our goal of the stave church and thought we had missed it. On the way down we noticed lots of curious old wooden buildings at the side of the road. Then we hit a hairpin bend and shortly after my rear tyre went down. Damae was already off down the hill and there was nothing to do but take the bags off my bike, turn it upside down and take the wheel off.

My rear wheel had the no-puncture tyre that was fitted in Denmark, so initially I was a bit annoyed. Furthermore our plastic tyre levers were having a bit of a problem levering the bead of the outer tube over the rim, they were bending rather than working as a lever. Before I knew it Damae had cycled back up the hill, and I managed to get the outer tube off. I was happy to discover that the problem appeared to be a badly patched inner tube rather than a puncture. New inner tube and then a five minute struggle to get the outer tube back on. Done, and off down the hill.

Damae had already spotted the stave church and museum on her first sortie down the hill. In a couple of minutes we'd decided to stay and have a look round even though it was gone half three. The weather and the view were lovely and we had plenty of daylight left.

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