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Day 7 part 2. Hanstholm to Blokhus.

After Bulbjerg the track remained quite high starting with a short section of narrow concrete with sharp bends. There was just enough room to be able to pass oncoming cyclists. A family of tourers came the other way so we know it was possible. Ironically this was the worst concrete road surface I have ever encountered, so it was a relief to then hit a section of sand with pebbles on it (normally described as diabolical) within a couple of kilometres.

Although this was hard going it was better than what had come before. The sun was up and we were able to keep a reasonable tempo in spite of the impediments. So after a short stop, I think Damae needed to adjust her clothing, we headed on. We did not have to push on too far today but decided to do a longer day today and a shorter one to Hirtshals the following. .

An hour or so later we had hit another stretch of loose pebble gravel road. Ho hum. At least it was just cycleable. Well that was until we hit a section that was sand. We both made pertinent remarks of surprise and with considerable haste wiggled our feet out of our pedals. The sand had brought us suddenly to a dead stop. Now that we were stopped we took a photo of the road and the scenery, had a drink and a snack before setting off again.

We paused again for longer about a half hour later. The route stopped by a beach car park with a kiosk so we took advantage of the ice-cream possibilities and the toilets. The road then moved just a little inland, and a quarter of an hour later (and some more loose pebble tracks), turned we turned onto a wonderful straight concrete road. The sun was up and the wind with the change of direction was less oppressive. It also made us feel better and we got motivated to push on. Just a little relief from the headwind was so welcome.

We stopped at another free campsite/car park/picnic site for some water. We took the opportunity to fill up from the stand pipe in the site. It was lovely and cold and clear. Just as the forest section ended we stopped for some rice pudding to see us to Blokhus, and took a product placement photo. We were happy with the sun and that we'd only got wet once today.

We arrived at Blokhus just after six thirty and found a busy shopping area right on the NSCR itself. There were market stalls and restaurants complementing the supermarket. It had a bit of a down market feel to the place but honest, busy and cheerful like Blackpool. Families were swirling round in the melee heading into the supermarket and back out again into to the sun. It was almost too busy and we took a couple of minutes to park up the bikes. I sat outside and watched the world go by with the bikes while Damae went hunting for food and the elusive good yoghurt. Hope springs eternal.....

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