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Day 6. Nørre Vorupør to Hanstholm (Febbersted).

We stopped in a picnic site at around three thirty and brewed up some tea. We spent around a half hour in the sun, watching two mothers and their kids larking around. Damae stretched her back as it was hurting a little and then lay down in the sun for a doze. After a light snack washed down with the tea we headed back onto the route. The first section was nice wooded one, although just before we set off again a rather large lumber lorry went passed us. Fortunately it was the only one we saw.

We returned to the metalled roads, which was a small improvement but were still battling with the wind. As in Damae's diary entry we had to pedal on the downhill sections otherwise we would start losing speed. It was becoming a little tiring and with the sun beating down on us, also thirsty work. There were a couple of rewards. Nearing Hansholm the road did a sharp left, and we had to cycle up a ridge and down the other side. We got a lovely view back across the countryside we had just travelled through, and a little later a lovely view the other way. After the bad weather earlier in the trip the sunshine was very welcome.

Skirting round the edge of Hanstholm we looked at the incline down into the town and decided not to try and find information on ferry times for Hirtshals that evening. As it was now five in the evening, the chance of finding a Tourist Information open we decided were small. It also seemed like a good moment to find a supermarket. A little while later we saw a shopping centre and picked up some groceries for the evening meal.

We had now turned 'the' corner, as it was and heading mostly NNE, the cycling became a little easier. I remember some long uphills rather like the long drags out up Manchester up towards Bury. Perhaps they were not that long but it felt like it. We were rather tired.

We decided to take the first campsite we saw. This turned out to be another large commercial campsite at Febbersted. We arrived and booked and headed out to the enormous site to try and find a spot. A sign of our tiredness was the inordinate amount of time we took to find a place to pitch our tent. We ended up on mostly empty field with a view over the North Sea. We were a bit doubtful at first as there was not that much shelter from sea winds, however the view was worth it.

We pitched the tent and got on with usual evening activities. We discovered that the breeze was a little cool so piled up the bags inside the tent to reduce the amount of air coming into the outer tent. There were a couple of showers in the evening to cool the temperature further, but we were just glad to have stopped for the day.

Next to us was a German family with two young children. We had passed them shortly before we hit the campsite. They had started back down the coast and were doing around thirty kilometres a day. Before they had children they used to tour on motorcycles. I guess bicycles are probably a better bet with kids.

After eating and showering we were ready for bed. We curled up in the inner tent, which was a lot warmer than in the breeze, and went to sleep. I woke a couple of times to hear rain on the tent but otherwise slept well.

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