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Day 5 part 2. Harboør to Nørre Vorupør via Hurup.

We headed slowly out of town, we'd not been moving for a couple of hours so starting up took some time. We cycled out of town and then through the rolling countryside remeniscent of Cheshire. On the way we passed through the villages of Bedsted-Morup and Mølle, which were reminiscent of villages in Croatia and Slovenia. The juxtaposition of the two was rather curious. It was by now raining continuously so wet was to be the theme of the day. We took the 181 (which was fortunately quite quiet), up to Istrup and rejoined the NSCR proper there.

This gave us a short ride of around twelve kilometres up to Nørre Vorupør on metalled roads which was pleasant enough. I don't think we could have coped with a rough off-road section like we had had earlier in the trip.

We arrived at the pleasant (wet) and still full campsite with some relief. With the light going and the skies darkening ominously we climbed to the top of the dune where Damae understood we had to go to pitch our tent. After about ten minutes we walked down and round to find a small 'ledge' on the side of the dune. This was the place where you were supposed to pitch small tents.

We picked a spot and hurriedly put up the tent. Just in time as it turned out as the rain that started shortly afterwards did not let up until morning. The ledge was conveniently sited East West ensuring that any wind coming off the sea would accelerate through the narrow 'gorge' between two dunes. We placed bags to reduce the amount of wind coming into the tent but it was still rather draughty.

We cooked and ate a passable evening meal in the shelter of the outer tent. We realised that we had made one small mistake when siting the tent. The ground although quite horizontal had lots of little foot sized depressions in it. As the rain blatted down outside, these holes filled up with water. This included the ones inside the tent and under the ground sheet and avoiding the puddles made doing anything in the tent rather more time consuming. Once again we were glad we had waterproof Ortliebs as we could put them anywhere in the tent without having to worry.

It was a relief to finally put up the inner tent and crawl into our warm dry sleeping bags. The Macpac inner tent has a very good groundsheet so we didn't get wet in there.

At some point in the evening we hear a voice speaking German outside the tent. We couldn't make out what was being said as it was by now blowing a gale. We guessed it was someone taking pity on us. Thank you whoever you were.

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