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Day 1 part 3. Flensburg to Højer.

The campsite was well kept and busy, with a unisex toilet and wash area, the only one of this sort we encountered (besides family rooms). We went to one of the last fields near the end of the site and found a pitch that would be sunny in the morning, next to a Danish family. The father asked us why on earth we were taking a cycling holiday as in his opinion it was much easier to lie on the beach for a week or two.

Tent went up quickly and dinner was made. This campsite has a lovely location next to the sea. If we had been interested a short walk would have taken us to the beach, but despite the warm weather we were tired from the night before and the troubles of the day. We had not been prepared for the problems right at the start of our holiday and our feelings of excitement had been crumpled almost as soon as we had started.

An early night followed on the basis that we could start the next day refreshed and enthused. We both said to each other 'ah all we need now is a good night's sleep' and this seemed to be the perfect place to achieve that. Of course as with all such sayings on our cycle trips it was not to be.

At some indeterminate time after midnight we were woken by the sound of a group of people talking. The conversation was not particularly boistrous nor loud except in the context of a silent evening with no wind. After a short while the Danish man in the tent next to us started shouting asking them to shut up. This produced no response at all. In the end Damae in teacher mode went over to the group and asked them to go and talk on the beach. This they did with reasonably good grace although it was a shame that they went to the part of the beach nearest to the campsite and not a bit further on.

We were able to get back to sleep, and as it turned out we were able to sleep enough.

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