A misty Dutch morning from the train.

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The NSCR in Denmark from Tønder to Randers. Summer 2006.


The NSCR in Norway. Summer 2005. Where it all started.

The Numedalruta from Geilo to Larvik. Summer 2006.

The Rallarvegen (or Rallarveien). Summer 2006.

The Rallarvegen from Haugestøl to Flåm in one day. Summer 2007.

Sognefjorden area including Jøstedal, Nigardsbreen, Vik, and Voss. Summer 2007.

National Cycle Route 3 from Kristiansand to Førde and Florø. Summer 2008.

National Cycle Route 1 from Florø to Trondheim. Summer 2008.

National Cycle Route 9 from Trondheim to Strömstad
Plus three days mooching round the NSCR in Norway. Summer 2008.

The Netherlands

Pictures from three days in Zeeland. Summer 2004.

The NSCR in The Netherlands. Spring 2007.

Three days on recumbent trikes, a Trice NT and a Scorpion. Late Spring 2007.

Three more days in Zeeland. Summer 2007.

A short trip to Fort Spion. Early Spring 2007.


The Ginstleden between Båstad to Göteborg. Summer 2007.

The NSCR in Sweden from Varberg to Svinesund. Summer 2007.

Tours by category:

North Sea Cycle Route.

The Danish North Sea Cycle Route summer 2006

The Dutch North Sea Cycle Route. Spring 2007.

The Norwegian North Sea Cycle Route. Summer 2005. Where it all started.

The Swedish North Sea Cycle Route from Varberg to Svinesund. Summer 2007.

The Norwegian North Sea Cycle Route - three days between Horten and Helgeroa. Summer 2008.

New. WIP
The German North Sea Cycle Route from Nieuweschans to Tønder. Summer 2009.

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Summer 2008

Summer 2007

Summer 2006


The equipment pages, including bikes, bags, tents and sundry other items.

Our bikes per year from 2005.

Our tents.

2007 season, touring with our Bromptons.

What we have learned from tours:

Our first long trip. Summer 2005 we were lucky!

Denmark was a real learning experience in Summer 2006.

You don't stop learning and every trip is different. Summer 2007.

Picture galleries:

Photos of family visits and our non-cycling holidays.

Photos of our visits to and life in Norway.

Dobes and May's wedding in July 2007.


We wanted to move to Norway and we did. This is the blog documenting some of the things that happened to us and continue to happen.

We've had a rusty old VW camper for years. The last few it sat in the garage rusting. I fixed it up enough to be be able to take it with us to Norway. There's also some stuff about our other cars including Damae's T25 Syncro Caravelle.

The mistymornings.net bikes and camping blog.

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