A misty Dutch morning from the train.

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This is the non-facebook non-twitter place to find out what is going on with the burgeoning family. Not everyone needs constant daily contact but people don't want to lose contact entirely either. Very few people send postcards or letters these days and if Facebook is too much for you then it is easy to lose touch.

Stan's immediate family.

Big Brother Miljenko is watching and commenting on the world. Links to his various projects are to be found on the miljenko.com website.

Little Brother Tugomir has an alleged presence on the net. However it seems to be down at the moment.

Littlest sister Ninoslava has a blog following her travels through life.

Stan's extended family.

Cousin Gareth's small collection of beautiful photographs.

Cousin Bryn has young onset Parkinsons. The Wobbly Williams website is his reply to this condition. A well made and useful site for everyone with an interest in Parkinsons. The jokes page is worth a visit even if you don't know your dopamine from your cornflakes.

Damae's immediate family.

Damae's mother Mia is investing in and contributing to a new build co-housing project in the city of Nanaimo.

Brother Yonas has a relaxed blog here but he apparently also contributes to the Yarrow Ecovillage blog.

Brother Dobes has a business developing accounting software. Damae's sister-in-law May has a blog about personal development. and together they have a place for family photos.

Damae's twin sisters Vanya and Britta took a long holiday in South East Asia in 2009. Here is the blog of the trip.

Damae's extended family.

Damae's father's family emigrated en masse to Canada. Here is their blog where the extended family keep in touch.

It looks like Aunt Sylvia has some galleries on Picasa.