A misty Dutch morning from the train.

Information about how these pages are created

Testing the site:

The main browser used whilst creating the site, is Netsurf because it is very fast, and has good CSS support. It is also tested against Firefox 2 under RISC OS.

The main browsers I use for checking the site on the mac are latest versions of Firefox, Opera, and Safari that run on MacOSX Tiger and Leopard. Under Linux I use the latest versions of Firefox and Opera.

Occasionally I run over the website using MSIE 7 (if I can find an unused PC somewhere) to make sure it looks ok for Windows users. In the past I have connected the Netbook up to the internet and check to see how the site loads and renders, using Web 2.0 and Opera 5.14. The site is tested in the past with a range of older RISC OS browsers to amuse myself.
I also have viewed a few pages on my cheap Samsung mobile phone using Opera Mini. I'm surprised how useable it is given that I have not optimised anything for small screens.

To allow me to check the site locally on the Iyonix, using the RISC OS port of Firefox I use WebJames to serve the pages. It is also used for serving pages across the network to the macs and other network devices at home.

I confess to not running the pages past an 'official' html checker. They work fine for me, however if someone spots a 'show stopper' of a bug let me know.

Proofreading of the site is done by my sister Nina, and more recently my mother and very occasionally by Damae. It is almost impossible to ensure error free text but it helps enormously having other people read your text before you upload it. Thanks to both of them.

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