Gol June 2010


On Friday I picked up Damae from school and we drove through Germany and found the campsite in Aarhus at 1115 pm. Luckily the owner was just finishing up in the reception and welcomed us in a friendly manner. The motorways from the Dutch-German border had been full of roadworks which slowed progress. As usual we got stuck in traffic going through the Elbe tunnel. The following day we got up early to do the short stretch from Aarhus to Hirtshals. Here is the hire car we used parked in the tent field at Aarhus campsite. The car was great on the motorways but useless on bumpy twisty minor roads. Not only is the suspension too hard but the left windscreen pillar is so thick that it makes it impossible to see round left hand bends. It is so bad as to make it dangerous.

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