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Morning sky over the RV 7 in Buskerud Moss: waiting for the ferry to Horton Driving up to Gol Night view in Gol

This is a place for photos of Norway. The first are from 2005 when, after a wonderful cycle tour round the NSCR in Norway our love affair with the country started. In 2010, after a long period of getting to know the country and learning the language, we moved to Norway. During this process we documented important moments so you will find pictures of the move and our experiences to date.

This separate section in the galleries is here because Norway is so photogenic, a great model to work with. No temper tantrums, no bad days, just always there, always different and always the same. It is impossible not to take photos as the seasons change. Each season brings with it different light, landscapes and colours.

To the left are links to the Norway picture galleries. If you want to see photos of our cycletours in Norway try here.

Dyane in the back garden Our view in Gol The Rv 51 up to Golsfjellet. Walking to the shops View from our hotel in Oslo

Last updated Saturday the 2nd of January, 2016