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Steps Curaçao Hello Mind the step View from Hjulmakersvei 3 in Røros
Clock tower Røros Night view in Røros Stockholm airport Cinema seats Oslo

This is a place for photos of our day to day life, holidays not related to cycling and things that we've enjoyed takings pictures of. All of these pictures are from the start of our digital photography days back in 2003, or rather when Stan bought his first really good camera.

Pictures in this section were taken on an Olympus C730UZ, a small Panasonic camera, an Olympus SP570UZ and from 2015 an Olympus Stylus 1. The last camera is a significant improvement over th SP570UZ with excellent low light performance. I only occasionally miss the extra long zoom of the older camera as a) the picture quality of the Stylus 1 is so much better and b) it has more pixels allowing images to be cropped more to compensate for the much smaller zoom range. The Stylus 1 is really the spiritual successor to the C730UZ.

To the left are links to the current picture galleries. Enjoy!

As of January 2016 a number of galleries have been deleted from the site in a bit of New Year pruning.

Gardermoen airport paving Red Dot design museum Essen Yoghurt in Hombourg Last bus to Vrådal, Dombas. View of Stoke Newington

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