I like writing my travelogues, and I like to document my bikes and camping gear as we used them. However I also fiddle with bikes and look out for interesting camping gear. The process of fiddling with bikes and camping gear is not something that is easy to document in a website format.

Thus I’ve created this blog, hosted on the mistymornings.net site to cover such musings. Maybe it will help me to make decisions more quickly rather than considering possibilities for ages and ages and driving myself just a little nuts in the process.

It has taken me a day or so to find a blog template that was close enough in style to the mistymornings.net web pages and to modify the CSS and other templates to match the colours. I’m using WordPress which was one of three blog systems I could install easily on my site.

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  1. Hello,

    I happened on the blog while looking for ways to carry panniers on the Brompton.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. How did you install the touring handlebar? Did you saw off the Brompton stem and add a seatpost somehow? https://postimg.cc/y3NY11vd

    “The handlebars are adjustable with a long allen key the lower sections can rotate upwards. In this position the bike still folds. I modified the handlebar stem using a rigid seat post rather than a sprung one as is more usual.”

    2. Some pictures in the 16 speed Brompton series are missing. Are they definitely MIA? https://mistymornings.net/blogs/mm/?tag=nexus-8

    Thank you.

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