Nexus 8 wheel builds starts and then…

….fizzles out.

I finally got the urge to do something with the box of bits that moved with me to Norway eighteen months ago. Fitting the eighteen trailing spokes was no problem. The trouble started when I tried to fit the leading spokes.

I remember deciding on a two cross spoke pattern when I ordered the spokes. I actually got the rim and the Nexus 8 hub before I bought the spokes so I could narrow the hub first and then measure the rim and hub flange offsets and put the details into Edd. Clever I was. Except something went wrong.

Tonight, I realised that the leading spokes were too long for a two cross pattern and too short for a three cross pattern. After a good half hour scratching my head and trying different things, I realised I must have made a mistake somewhere with the spoke sizes.

I measured up the hub again, then the ERD on the rim and put the details into Edd and a couple of other online spoke length calculators. All gave back the same spoke lengths (138mm and 141mm) which were 3-4mm shorter than the ones I had in my box. I couldn’t find out how the mistake had occurred as no matter what I did I couldn’t get Edd to give me spoke lengths of 144mm and 142mm. Sigh.

So now I have to order some more spokes. As they will be coming from the UK I have to decided if I want them sent direct here (long delays coming through customs plus a very high handling charge from the postal service) or I get them sent to friends in Holland or the UK and pick them up on my next visit.

Watch this space for more updates, but don’t hold your breath