We spend most of our Whit break in Saltum Strand in northern Denmark at a 2CV meet. We drove down to Göteborg on the Friday and crossed to Fredrikshavn in North Jutland on the midnight ferry.

We had two days in glorious summer weather at Guldager Camping (recommended if you are planning to visit the area) before taking the Sunday night ferry from Hirtshals to Larvik and driving back through the night to Gol.

Click here to view the gallery of the trip.

3 thoughts on “Whitsun

  1. Wow, looks like great fun! Reminds me of the Run to the Sun festival I went to with my friends years ago: a festival for old VWs. You lucky things. :-)

    By the way, personally, I would like it if your links (in this case to the gallery) opened in a new tab, as then I can comment immediately I have viewed your link, rather than having to click back through the pages to comment. :-)


    • You might find it useful to use a right click (or Ctrl-click on a Mac) and choose the option “Open Link in New Tab”.

      There are many people who don’t like things opening up in new tabs or new windows (believe it or not).

      If I a website is set up like this then those that like to open links in new tabs or windows can use a right-click to open a link whilst the single window people are happy too.

  2. I have seen your photos just now, lovely… and funny comments… you made me smile. Mama, x

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