Newsflash: power cut in Gol

We’ve just had a power cut here in Gol. At first I thought it was just our building, but then I noticed that there were no lights on in the Kommunehus next to us. We still had net access here at work thanks to a small Wifi router that has a large backup battery. I checked our webcam and discovered that it stopped transmitting pictures just after eight thirty this morning. So don’t expect any webcam updates until I get the chance to restart the Mac mini.

It made me think back to the 1970’s in Britain: those grim years of the energy crisis and the three day week, when oil prices were driven up dramatically by OPEC. In Britain, workers went on strike and the power industry workers joined in. I remember family evenings huddled round a tiny Russian built portable telly connected to a car battery, watching the BBC, eating dinner by candlelight and bathing in a bucket. Such happy memories.

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: power cut in Gol

  1. Now what had happened to your electricity supply? The Gol hydro-electrics failed?

    Vaguely I remember the energy crisis, as I was trying to ‘float’ instead of ‘sink’ beneath the waves of my sea… Where was the Russian built portable telly? Bathing in a bucket? Candlelight dinner? I do not remember any of that… :o(…

    But the power-cut in Krapina I remember well… Mama could not do any work so we all sat on the bed in the corner, wrapped up and she was telling us a story of ‘A goat and the Seven Kids’ – Koza i sedam kozlića! I remember being so happy, though we heard that story from early childhood… it was late 40-ies.

    I hope it gets restored quickly, ours lasted for hours, 4/5 etc.
    Love, mama, xx :o)

  2. Just looking at your webcam of the piled up logs, is there a special way of laying them? There seems to be a pattern. Just curious… Me, xx

  3. Yes there is a kind of pattern. The ends of a pile get stacked up crossed in alternate directions. The ends also curve inwards ever so slightly to increase stability. Once you start a new section of the stack you only need to have one end.

    If you look at the pile in the webcam you can see the left hand half has two ends, both curving inwards, which mean it was built first. The right hand half has only one end curving inwards so it can’t have been built first.

  4. Now she is there, now she is not! And the sun is still shining, it is dark in Zagreb now! Me, x

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