The mayor is dead, long live the mayor

I came into work yesterday to find two emails, both sent on Sunday, both informing council employees of the death of our mayor. Olaug Grønseth Granli had been fighting cancer for some time and finally died in her sleep on Sunday.

I don’t remember meeting her in person and also don’t know the details of her illness. However, there are many of my collegues who did know her personally and who are now in mourning for their friend, collegue, political opponent and relative. It has been very quiet here in the council offices in the last couple of days.

It is a strange situation for me to be in, not being personally affected in any way, yet being surrounded by people who are. It makes me think of the Heinrich Böll short story entitled “My Sad Face” for some reason.

The funeral will take place on Friday this week.

The mayor is dead, long live the mayor.

2 thoughts on “The mayor is dead, long live the mayor

  1. Yes, the life outside impinges on our own lives… Simply because we live and work with others… weep with those who weep, laugh with those who laugh… :o)

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