Video: early thaw in Trøndelag

The unseasonably warm weather has lead to a rapid thaw in much of Norway in the last week. The NRK website has an interesting video of the river Sona in Stjørdal in Nord-Trøndelag (Trondheim area). You can see the flood wave racing down the river taking thick layers of ice with it.

Click here to go the the NRK website to see the video. If you have problems viewing the video from outside Norway try here instead.

2 thoughts on “Video: early thaw in Trøndelag

  1. This is terrifying, unstoppable… I am glad it was not you driving there… My goodness… I would be very worried if I lived in those lovely red houses so close to the river level…

  2. Awesome power of water and ice… mesmerising… One large tree was just snapped like a matchstick and carried along with the sheer power of volume!

    And the yellow houses and the white too were so vulnerable…

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