First snow 13th of November

Snow and an old oil lamp

It started the evening before

Snow on the driveway with the old Svenseid Godshus

It snowed through the night and most of the morning

Trabant and Syncro in the snow

The obligatory Trabant picture.

Looking up to Lifjell from Svenseid Station

The snow was still there this morning but today’s rain is making it disappear

3 thoughts on “First snow 13th of November

  1. Just wonderful to look at… but nowadays I prefer to look at it than be in it… Maybe when I finally shake the cold my desire might return to be out again… and when we travelled to Lungesund on the 14th – OE’s birthday – it was magic picture after magic picture… From my bed I can see a wonderful scene of snow-capped mountains and plethora of ‘Christmas’ trees with slender silver birches hoar-frosted so delicately… snow is sooo special… covers all up… only beauty remains… Mmmmm…

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