8 thoughts on “New arrivals : Part 3

  1. Hi Stan & Damae,

    That is wonderful news, congratulations! We are so please for you both. It is a lovely photo she looks so cute and we love the name. Is Odd Egill enjoying having a baby sister?
    Jon & Frank

  2. Dear Damae, Stan and Odd Egill,
    Congratulations on the latest edition :*
    Lovely name. She looks content. Cutie.
    Can’t wait to meet her.
    Ad & Veronica

  3. Well, I am here… from the day two! Ailsa Alida is filling out and beginning to look plump in arms and legs… No wonder… she feeds constantly… It is a joy to hold her… She looks intently into my face as if knowing my face is different from her mama’s and frowns and smiles. She looks around with great interest just like Odd Egill did at her age… But when she wants to be fed, she would not be denied and I hand her over to Damae!

    She is getting on towards (or is already there) 4 kg mark! It is lovely to be here at this time. Lots of love, bakica, xxxx

  4. Well Done. Delighted to hear that there ia a new Ailsa Williams in the family. If she takes after her Great Great Aunt she will have an enjoyable, interesting and long life. We wish all of you well. Alec & Joan xxx

  5. Oooh, lovely pic. Welcome, little Ailsa. Can’t wait to give you big snuggles and kisses. Hope Odd Egill is getting used to his new squawk machine aka little sister. Lots of love to you all. xxx

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