Sunday School

Many trips
down the 101 to Lund.
The car with electric windows;
zooooommmmm zooooommmmm lock.

What still echos?

Use the words
love and hate
with care.

4 thoughts on “Sunday School

  1. Lovely, Damae! To a point! But why Sunday School? And the significance of 101 to Lund? Love, Me, x

    P.S. I fear the word hate but not the word love… your statement intrigues me.

    • I used to live on the 101. Sunday School was at the end of it in Lund. The Sunday School teachers used to pick us up at the bottom of Southview road and drive us to Lund for the Sunday School. Mr French had electric windows at the time. Yonas and I thought that was fascinating.

  2. Thank you, Damae, for your explanation. Much appreciated, I like to understand your poems. Love, Me, x

  3. Thank you, Stanislav, for the last photos of the views for the 2014th year! Time goes by, ever faster… from my point! Me, x

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