First sun day

On the 23rd of January we got the first hint of sun in the house. We noticed the faintest of shadows on the wall in the living room for the first time since late November. Up to this point the house had been bright enough, but lit with a light so diffuse that there were no shadows cast through the window. So this was a cause to celebrate, and Damae clearly enjoyed the moment.

This shadow was caused by the slightest sliver of the sun poking up above the lowest part of the valley wall across from us. It lasted perhaps just ten minutes before the sliver disappeared.

It would take until the 1st of February before we had a real sharp shadow cast on the wall.

The round ball of the sun was now clearly visible above the valley.

It is really lovely to have the sun back in the house. It will be a couple of weeks before we see the sun all day above the valley, that date will also go into our diary. But for now, a couple of hours a day of full sunshine, warms the house up nicely and bathes our part of Gol with dazzling winter light.

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