Many guys wrong

Google mistranslation of an NRK webpage

50% of the population know this already ;)

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not a salacious article about the quality of Norwegian men (with tips as to how to get an unruly one under control with two blocks of wood), but rather an amusing example of how Google Translate gets it wrong. The mis-translation is not so surprising given that the Norwegian title of the article is “Mange fyrer* feil” .

I am sure that there are probably quite a few ladies out there who would have benefitted from an article as to how to use their man effectively. Although, in many cases, one article might not have been enough…

The article actually gives some useful tips as to how to use a wood burning stove effectively. Which is very important to know at this time of year. You can read the Norglish auto translation of the article here.

*Fyrer is the verb ‘fire’ as in ‘set fire to’ (sette fyr på) or to fire a shot, and as a noun, the plural of the word for ‘bloke’.

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