“So that’s why the Wifi has stopped working”

Here is a post for those of you out there involved in designing home routers. In particular those of you involved in the important design details of the positioning of buttons. IF you are going to put a button on the box, to toggle the Wifi on and off, put it somewhere where people can’t accidently press the button.

Here is a good example of where NOT to put such a button. This one (round button, bottom left of the picture) can be actuated accidently by placing an EeePC on top of the router. It took me a while to figure that one out. This process of discovery was not helped by the fact that the Wifi on/of indicator LED was very dim.

badly positioned button on a ZyWEL router

Another half hour of life wasted by one small, poorly thought out design detail.

Oh, for the days of mechanical toggle switches on consumer products, that show clearly, (by dint of their orientation), which state they are in.

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