Nokia C3-00 and watching videos

I bought a Nokia C3-00 a while back, simlock free of course. I never got on with texting using T9 and a standard phone keyboard so if I were to buy a phone it would have to have a QWERTY keyboard. The C3-00 came along and I discovered that in addition to a QWERTY keyboard the also had Wifi built. This which means I could use my phone at home to browse the internet without using costly MBs on my data plan. All in all, I’ve been very pleased with my purchase. You can’t really compare it with a smartphone, as it only single tasks (well the FM radio aside). What it is, is a cheap candy-bar phone on steroids. Good keyboard, nice clear screen and good battery life.

Of course, there must be a downside. Well, one main grump. The C3-00 is supposed to be able to play streaming video. I tried it on YouTube and of course it just didn’t work. I searched the internet and found plenty of other people on the Nokia forums with the same problem. Basically the combination of Opera Mini and the built in Nokia media player won’t allow you to view video streams. The solution for me, and many others was to download and install the Bolt browser, fiddle with the configuration and hey presto, I can now watch videos.

There is a question that has to be asked. Given that so many people have the same problem, wouldn’t it be a better idea to fix the problem at source? How much would it cost, bearing in mind the number of C3-00s sold, to get a developer to track down the problem and fix it? Then roll it out in the next firmware release.

It would save all us Nokia C3-00 users having to trawl the internet for a solution that involves adding yet more software to our phones.

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