New Look Gmail still sucks

Just did another of my periodic “New Look Gmail sucks” searches and came up against this interesting post on the website.

It is interesting because it looks at the issue of New Look Gmail now that the option to revert to the Old Look has been removed. Note that this doesn’t affect me as I chose to use the HTML Gmail interface and IMAP email clients a while back. For my webmail needs I and am slowly moving myself to my existing MyOpera email account. MyOpera email has a much more usable UI with unfashionable things such as text labels next to icons and clear separation of page elements.

Back to the article at, the interesting thing is that it makes the same points I have been making for some time, not just about usability but also about the problems of becoming dependent on Cloud computing solutions.

It is also good to read that I am not alone in my reaction to New Look Gmail and the generally undesireable direction that Google have been taking recently.

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