A misty Dutch morning from the train.

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At the moment there are four Wordpress blogs hosted on this domain.

The mistymornings.net blog

The idea behind this blog is to focus on cycle camping gear, including tents, bikes, bags, and other kit. It will supplement our Equipment pages providing updates and ideas rather than a snapshot or a review of gear. It may also be used to provide information about short trips that don't merit a travelogue. It should get updated sporadically with projects such as the 16 speed Brompton both during and outside the cycling season.

Stan's Grumpy Old Man blog

I get fed up of stupid design changes, or badly thought out ideas in software and hardware. The GOM blog is a place where I can vent when a company or developer wastes my time for no good reason.

Life in Norway according to Damae and Stan

This blog is the replacement for our original "We are moving have moved to Norway" blog that we set up on Blogspot. This blog contains all the old posts and pictures from the Blogspot blog and new material from February 2012 on. It is the definitive version of our blog and as such replaces the old blog completely.

The blog itself is a collection of our experiences of the process of moving to Norway and the reality of our life in Norway. We use poems, articles, pictures and links to express ourselves.

Sliced Slon

We've had a rusty old VW T2ab camper for years. It was bought new by my father in 1971 and much abused before I got my hands on it. The rest since then has been my responsibility. The last few years of my life in Holland it sat in the garage rusting waiting for me to find the inclination to fix it. The bottom twenty centimetres were crumbly, and after a considerable amount of work I managed to turn back some of the ravages of time.

The reason I started fixing up the van was so that we could take it with us to Norway. The aim of the blog was to publish a few pictures each day I did something to the van. Now that I have managed to register the van in Norway, I still have much to do on Slon. Damae also added a nice T25 (T3) Syncro to our growing collection of older cars which features in the blog.

In the summer of 2011 my Citroën Dyane has joined us in Norway. It is registered and insured and has been in use all year round and coped admirably with (almost) all weather conditions (once I had to put snow chains on it to get up our driveway).

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