A misty Dutch morning from the train.

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So tell me, why do you go camping?

August: 2007 Bøyum Camping, Fjærland Norway. "So why are you guys camping? the young American tourist asks inquisitively. "For a little more money you could have a nice dry warm room instead". Looking out at the heavy summer rain and the puddles surrounding our tent we fail to come up with a convincing answer.

August: 2008 Utrecht, The Netherlands. We arrive home after spending more than thirty-five days cycling and start unpacking. Our living room, with windows on three sides that, in summer, gets sun from seven in the morning to ten at night, looks dark and small. We wonder why fifty square metres of living room looks and feels so cramped.

Then we realise why. When there is light in the sky it is light inside our tent. The light wakes us gently each morning. Crawling out of the confines of the inner tent, unzipping and pushing back the outer flap, we step out into an enormous living room. Sometimes it is a bit damp, sometimes a bit chilly, sometimes warm but always light and always huge.

After eating breakfast we pack our belongings into our pannier bags, fill our water bags and ask "where are we going to today?"

Eight panniers, four wheels, two people, one planet.

Looking from Ona to the Norwegian mainland

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