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16 speed Brompton: Part 2

My SRAM gears have been having problems recently when back pedalling. The chain would go slack and then suddenly tighten up, or pull the chain off the chainwheel. It just didn’t feel right so I dismantled my Brompton and on checking the SRAM hub’s bearings I discovered I’d overtightened them. I loosened the bearings off […]

16 speed Brompton: Part 1

Bromptons are beautifully styled bikes with an amazingly simple and compact fold and generally enjoyable cycling characteristics. A Brompton makes me think of the original Austin Mini. Both were designed around a brilliant idea and set new standards in their respective markets. Both are examples of the tradition of inspired British engineering. However, outstanding packaging […]

Avoiding the Door Zone

Avoiding the Door Zone This has been reasonably well publicised on forums but is a good introduction to the problems of the ‘Door Zone’ for cyclists. This is the area of the road where the doors of parked cars will open into. Although cars and hence car doors are generally smaller here in Europe, so […]