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How our sense of sight lets us down

I bumped into this article via the CTC forums. It describes how human vision works and looks at the limitations our sense of sight has in the situations that confront us when in traffic. It is well worth a read both as a cyclist or non-cyclist.

The 2015 season has begun…

This winter has been a bit of a damp squib. Not particularly cold, not much snow, not enough sunshine. The warmer winters lead to lots of ice on the roads and paths sometimes several centimetres thick. As we live on a steep hill we generally do not take the bikes out when the roads are […]

The fork spreading tool

Here are a couple of pictures of the tool I used to spread the rear forks on our Bromptons. Materials required 1 x piece of thick walled mild steel tube, outside diameter 12mm 1 x piece of M8 mild steel threaded bar (minimum length 40 cm) 4 x large M8 washers 2 x small M8 […]


Here are some pictures of the piggy-back frame I made to allow me to carry Ortlieb panniers on my Brompton. This was a proof-of-concept frame I knocked up in a couple of hours with no access to tube bending tools. I never got round to tidying up the welds properly nor have I painted the […]

Bromptons on the Rallarvegen

Last weekend we decided to give our 16 speed Bromptons another test. The test was to cycle the Rallarvegen in Norway from Haugastøl to Flåm. We have wanted to do the Rallarvegen since we moved to Norway almost three years ago and the Bromptons would make getting back home on the train a little easier. […]

16 speed Bromptons: part 6 – now properly tested

Our summer tour to Germany and Denmark was a great success. Not only did we follow the route we had planned (with two minor deviations) but nothing broke on the bikes or our luggage systems. We didn’t even get a puncture. The rear wheels were still true at the end of the trip and the […]

16 speed Bromptons: Part 5 – ready for action

Our 16 speed Bromptons are now just that. We built our own wheels earlier in the year and I then went through the process of getting everything to work together. I had already spread my rear forks a couple of years ago and did the same on Damae’s Brompton. A few tweaks were needed on […]

Nexus 8 wheel builds starts and then…

….fizzles out. I finally got the urge to do something with the box of bits that moved with me to Norway eighteen months ago. Fitting the eighteen trailing spokes was no problem. The trouble started when I tried to fit the leading spokes. I remember deciding on a two cross spoke pattern when I ordered […]

Our cycling season is about to start

The snow has almost disappeared from Hallingdal. We’ve seen cyclists clad in lycra on racing bikes in the last couple of weeks, here and in Numedal. In Drammen we saw normal cyclists of all ages and sizes all around us. It’s time for us to dust down our tourers and get on with exploring the […]

16 speed Brompton: Part 2

My SRAM gears have been having problems recently when back pedalling. The chain would go slack and then suddenly tighten up, or pull the chain off the chainwheel. It just didn’t feel right so I dismantled my Brompton and on checking the SRAM hub’s bearings I discovered I’d overtightened them. I loosened the bearings off […]