Å bygge på…

We needed some more space in the house. We had some of our bikes stored in a bedroom but really wanted to use the bedroom as a bedroom.

We had no desire to move to a bigger house, so this was the chosen solution; our very own bike shed. It took a while to finish but was well worth the effort.

Stan and Damae's bike shed

You can see it on the sunset webcam. It is painted a tasteful shade of yellow known as “Herregårdsgul” (“Manor yellow” in English).



Baked by Mama-Bakica and Damae three weeks ago. Damae takes credit for the coating (marmalade, marzipan and icing).

On the left is a gluten free cake, on the right the 'normal' Winter Solstice Cake (aka Christmas Cake).

On the left is a gluten free cake, on the right the ‘normal’ Winter Solstice Cake (aka Christmas Cake).

Back again. Fantastic!

We arrived home a week ago yesterday from our long summer cycle tour. The tour had been our first one since the summer of 2009 and took us from Gol all the way up to Bodø and then to the Lofoten Islands. A trip of new experiences and remembering old ones.

After a slightly fraught train journey back (engineering works meant we had to take two buses and almost missed our connection in Oslo) we arrived on Saturday evening to a lawn covered in lush green grass, and tomato and pumpkin plants growing well albeit bereft of fruit. Whilst I went inside to turn on the water and the water heater, Damae grabbed the “gressklipper” and started giving the lawn a haircut.

Once again it was good to be back home.

Click on the picture to view the video.

It is really, really good to be back

We were only away for two weeks and now we are back home. We were surprised to feel a growing sense of joy as we entered Hallingdal and got closer Gol.

Gol cossets us with its beauty and serenity whilst we are here and calls us back when we are away. Gol is a place that both of us want to stay in and both of us want come back to.

I guess we have finally found a place that we can call home.

It is really, really good to be back.