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Apr 18 2017

Greetings from Svenseid

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Our new home


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Sep 12 2016

New arrivals : Part 3

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Ailsa Alida Williams. Born 05/09/2016 Gol legekontor.

Baby Ailsa Alida four days old

The age of asynchronous child rearing has dawned…

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Mar 14 2014

Mother and child

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Sunset with mother and child

Four months old

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Nov 24 2013

New arrivals: Part 1

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Odd Egill Williams. Born 14/11/2013 Ringerike hospital.

The age of cold cups of tea has dawned...

The age of cold cups of tea and half eaten meals has dawned…


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Feb 19 2012

The journey continues

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This is our new blog, it replaces our original blog at

From today all new posts will appear on this blog. All the posts from our old blog have been imported into this one. This means that this blog is the complete record of our process of moving to Norway.

The journey continues….

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Jan 17 2012

Hva jobber du med?

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I’ve been keeping this quiet since last Friday when the job offer dropped into our post box. Yesterday I signed the contract and today I start work at IKT-Hallingdal. This is the organisation that provides IT services to the six councils in the valley.  My job title, translated into English is “IT- consultent” and I’m actually employed by Gol council, as Damae is.

Exactly what I will end up doing is a bit of a mystery to me still, but therein lies the opportunity to learn.

Wish me luck!

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