First frost

Oil lamp covered in frost

Frosty the Oil Lamp

The climate in this bit of Telemark is a lot milder than in Hallingdal. Yesterday we had our first frost (-2’c) which is about a month later that I remember first frosts in Gol. The mornings are now noticeably colder but when the sun shines in the afternoon it feels like late August.

We will see what the winter brings…

New arrivals: Part 4

A pair of feeding badgers

The pair feeding on our lawn.

Badger feeding

Usually one comes first and is joined by the second badger later on.


First signs that something was afoot was that the compost fence kept getting knocked down. I thought it might be the local magpie flock so I pegged it down with some big tent pegs. It kept on getting knocked down and then I noticed it happened only at night. Not long after I saw a badger in the garden. A little while later a second one.

They are now frequent visitors to our garden, and come every night to eat the food I put out. They have built a toilet just below the garden at the bottom of the slope. Their tracks are easy to spot in the long grass and undergrowth around the house.